Warning: This story will make you want to visit South America ASAP...

November 08, 2019

Warning: This story will make you want to visit South America ASAP...


Kimberly Scutt

Where did you last travel?

Still traveling around South America

Highlights and/or must see locations:

Machu Picchu, Amazon Basin, Bolivia

Tips and tricks for fellow travelers:

Don't show any sign of wealth, get advice from locals, and keep an open mind.

Food/drink recommendations:

Peru has the most amazing food. The stuffed hot peppers are to die for.

Rocoto Relleno is one of the most famous dishes in Peru - and it's quite spicy...

Which Aviator products did you wear and were they helpful?

Dark Indigo Skinny Jeans. I feel confident that my money and credit cards are safe in their hidden pockets.

Anything else you’d like to share:

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Connie Q
Connie Q

February 27, 2020

Just wondering what you took for female clothing? I like the tan shirt your hubby is wearing and would really like to find one for myself…..hope you can help? Also, in “ visible signs of weath”, what would you suggest? I usually wear a cable wire around my neck with an occasional charm or beaded piece that I have made. Do you think that would be considered “ wealth”? Also, what about wedding rings? Do you replsce expensive rings with something else? I
just bought some colorful Tagua Nut slices in lovely bright colors and plan to make a necklace out of those by crocheting them onto a thin cord. Love scarves, but they get sweaty, so this is my alternative. My backpack weighed in at 25 pound on a recent trip in Jan. I would like to get the weight down to a
good bit less ( 15 maybe?). Suggestions for that could help me a lot!
Thanks very much,
Connie Q

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