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Great Tips for Your Next Trip to Germany

January 07, 2020

Great Tips for Your Next Trip to Germany


Andrew Schwark

Where did you last travel?


Highlights and/or must see locations:

Bad Homburg outside of Frankfurt is a great place to get a feel for classic German architecture and food. Great place to walk around and explore for a half day trip.

Extra Tip from Aviator: The Römerberg town center of Frankfurt is a must-see. Many of the city's most interesting events took place there (such as medieval jousting, public executions, and Christmas markets.)


Tips and tricks for fellow travelers:

Getting a minimalist wallet works great if you want to keep a slim wallet profile in your jeans pockets.

Food/drink recommendations:

Pretzels. All the way.

Extra Tip from Aviator. If you're ever in Frankfurt, be sure to check out these great restaurants:

  • Freitagsküche - local hot-spot that uses farm-fresh ingredients.
  • Gang & Gäbe - modern-take on some regional specialties.
  • Matilda’s Kitchen - cozy cafe with great brunch. 

Which Aviator products did you wear and were they helpful?

Jet Black Jeans. Super helpful - two week trip and they were perfect for a night out or a night flight. Pockets were helpful and not a pain to use.

Anything else you’d like to share:

I had bought a pair about a week and a half before leaving on a 3 week journey to Europe and when they arrived I realized I had ordered a size too small. Customer service had a new pair in the mail the very next day and pretty much made this trip so much better. New pair fits like a glove and has been a joy to wear.


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