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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the care instructions for your jeans? 

You can wash them in the machine with cold water (like colors) and tumble dry on medium heat. You can also dry-clean your Aviators, or spot clean them with a little soap and water, and then hang to dry. If you don't have time to clean your jeans but need them to bounce back into their original shape, simply throw them in the dryer until they're how you like them. 

Do your jeans shrink?

No. However, if you machine wash and dry them very frequently, you may notice them tighten up a bit. But they will always stretch back out where needed. 

What's the difference between the men's Slim and Straight Fits? 

  • The Slim Fit is about 1.5 inches more narrow at the leg opening (ankle) than the Straight Fit.

  • The rise of the Slim Fit is also 1/2 an inch higher.

  • The thigh of the Slim Fit is about a 1/2 more narrow than the Straight Fit. 

Why do you only offer one inseam for your jeans?

Aviator is a small brand and we don't have the capacity to manufacture our jeans in different inseam lengths like the big box brands. As a company, we hope to one day grow to the point where we can offer more options. In the meantime, we are happy to hem your jeans prior to shipment as a complimentary service. Please see our hemming policy here.

Do you sell filters for your masks?

We do not sell filters at this time, but our masks offer plenty of stretch (they're made with 4% spandex) and most filters will be able to fit nicely. Lying flat, our adult masks measure 7" wide and 5" tall. Our kids masks measure 6" wide and 4" tall. We know that some customers have used PM2.5 filters with our masks, and it's also possible to slide a coffee filter inside for an extra layer of protection.

Do your masks have a metal nose piece? 

No, they do not. Our masks are designed to be machine-washable. Instead of adding a metal wire, we added extra stretch across the nose bridge which helps close the gap.  

What's the difference between the Performance Protective Mask and the Premium Protective Mask?

Our Premium Protective Mask is triple-layered and made with one type of fabric (a blend of Bamboo/Cotton/Spandex) while the Performance Mask is double-layered and made with two different types of fabric (the outer layer is Polyester/Spandex and the inner layer is Cotton/Spandex.) The outer layer of the Performance Mask is fluid-resistant and moisture-wicking, and the inner layer includes a performance protective patch which covers your nose and mouth (this keeps the fabric from pulling towards your face when you breathe.) The Premium Protective Mask has a similar feature: It's constructed with fusing on the inside, and this helps keep the fabric away from your nose and mouth while you breathe as well. 

How can I prevent my eyeglasses from fogging up?

We know that some customers have solved this issue by wearing their masks high on their nose and resting the bridge of their glasses on top of their mask. Another solution is to use anti-fog spray which can be found on Amazon. 

What are the care instructions for your masks? 

All of our masks are machine-washable. Wash on cold, and then dry on low or medium heat.

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes. We have customers all over the world. We wish we could offer you free shipping like we do for our American customers, but shipping costs are just too expensive. The rate is weight-based and varies depending on the country. We are always happy to give you a discount code to help offset the shipping cost. Also, we cannot be responsible for customs fees and import taxes, as they can vary greatly and are out of our control.

Do you have any retail stores I can visit?

No. Currently, we only sell our products online. However, if you're in Los Angeles, you're welcome to come by the Aviator HQ. We've had many locals and visitors stop by to try on the jeans. Please click here to set up a visit. We look forward to meeting you!

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