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June 22, 2019 2 min read


JoEllen Irizarry

Where did you last travel?

Mexico City

Highlights and/or must-see locations:

The metro system is very inexpensive and there are separate cars for women/children. Buy your tickets for Frida Kahlo's house in advance and arrive early to avoid long lines. Visit Teotihuacan on a Monday when it is not crowded. Take Uber at night - safe and very inexpensive. Try lots of new foods and wear sunscreen! Even in the winter the sun is incredibly hot.

Food and drink recommendations:

Walk around the local markets and look for busy food stalls - eat whatever the locals are eating! Try a Paloma - it's tequila with a local grapefruit soda and it is so refreshing. And definitely go to Churrería El Moro for churros and chocolate - make sure to dunk them.

Which Aviator products did you wear and were they helpful?

I packed both my Aviator Dark Indigo Performance Jeans and my Aviator Black Comfort Jeans. They were perfect for walking all over the city without having to worry about my belongings. My large phone fit completely in one front pockets and I kept small bills safely in the other. A credit card and large bills were secure in the back, hidden-zipper pocket. I could roam crowded markets and ride the cramped metro without worry. The jeans looked nice yet felt like I was wearing yoga pants. I wore them with t-shirts during the day and with a sweater and scarf at night. Plus, the Black Comfort Jeans were perfect for the plane ride and the Dark Indigo Performance Jeans pack down much smaller and lighter than regular jeans.

Anything else you would like to share?

I have also worn my Aviator jeans to Lisbon and southern Spain and will be taking them to Colombia this December. They make packing for travel so much easier, plus I wear them all the time at home as well. The deep front pockets are amazing and they wash well and don't lose their shape. I love Aviator!

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