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June 21, 2019 1 min read


Robin Waldman

Where did you last travel?


Highlights and/or must see locations:

Volunteering at Animal Aid Unlimited in Udaipur

Tips and tricks for fellow travelers:

I tied my wallet to a front belt-loop when I put it in my front pocket. That way, I was able to pull it out to use, but it was safely attached to my clothing. Small bills fit into the zipped pocket in the back, and my cellphone fit inside the other front pocket. Everything was well protected and I didn't need to carry a purse or a daypack. I was also able to sleep in the jeans when it was cold and without heat.

Food/drink recommendations:

Poha for breakfast!

Which Aviator products did you wear and were they helpful?

Comfort Skinny Dark Indigos and they were great!


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