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An Awesome Time in Argentina

July 01, 2019

An Awesome Time in Argentina


Amy Nolan

Where did you last travel?

Buenos Aires and Argentina

Highlights and/or must see locations:

  • The San Telmo Market
  • Argentina Polo Day
  • Tango lessons and dancing at a Milonga

Tips and tricks for fellow travelers: 

The market gets very crowded and pickpockets are prevalent. My Aviator jeans were perfect to help keep money close to me, but in a spot that would foil a potential pickpocket. I bought a handmade belt in the market that looks great with my Aviators! Two other highlights were playing polo and dancing the tango. If you have a spirit for cultural adventure, definitely do both!

Food/drink recommendations: 


Which Aviator products did you wear?

Dark Indigo Performance Skinny Jeans

Anything else?

Love that these jeans are a flattering fit AND lightweight AND have deep/zippered pockets. They worked well for me at the market and on horseback, because they are comfortable, functional and stylish. Well done, Aviator!

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