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A Tour through Italy and Portugal

July 09, 2019

A Tour through Italy and Portugal

Your Name?

Linda Elgart

Where did you last travel?

Milano, Treviso, Sardegna, Lisbon

Highlights and/or must-see locations?

Old town Treviso, Old town Cagliari, Bitti, Milano cemetery and anywhere on the street, Lisbon anywhere on the street. 

Photo taken from the streets of Lisbon

Food and drink recommendations?

Whatever is local! Local wine, local specialties.

Which Aviator products did you wear and were they helpful?

I have the Comfort Skinny Silver Grey jeans and I always wear them when I fly. Stretchy, comfortable, chic.

Anything else you would like to share?

Travel light! I have a backpack that conforms to the smallest airline overhead, and that’s all I bring. Wash clothes a lot, and bring things that are useful for any occasion. I have stuff I can go running in, go to a museum, and go out to dinner. And try to blend in.

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