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July 23, 2019 1 min read


Santo Ricciardi

Where did you last travel?

Italy - Abruzzo & Puglia

Highlights and/or must see locations:

Abruzzo is a hidden gem in Italy. You've got the Gran Sasso Mountains on one side, the Adriatic on the other, and in between are endless miles of farmland and natural beauty. Puglia, to the south, offers wonderful scenery, great beaches, history, tremendous value, and fewer tourists.

Tips and tricks for fellow travelers:

When traveling in Europe, try to pack lightly, and rent the smallest car possible :-)

Food/drink recommendations:

In Gran Sasso (by Sulmona), we stopped at Ristoro Mucciante, for "arosticini". The way it works is: You buy the raw meat on skewers inside, and then you go outside and BBQ them yourself on a grill. Great fun, in an incredible setting, and the high altitude provided a welcome relief from the heat.

Which Aviator products did you wear and were they helpful?

I took two pairs of the Concorde Jeans. They definitely helped me to relax and enjoy the vacation, knowing that my wallet and my passport were zipped up and secure.

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