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Measuring Guide

You can find the best fit with three simple measurements. Please use your favorite fitting jeans at home as a reference. You will want to take those jeans and lay them face up, and flat on a table.

NOTE: Our jeans are all made with stretch denim that's not accounted for in these measurements. 

WAIST: Notice the front of the waistband is pulled over on top of the back of the waistband, creating a straight line. This example shows 16 1/2 inches across. We will want to double this number to make 33 inches total. 

RISE: Notice we straightened the curve of the rise to create a straight line. We then measure from the bottom of the crotch (where the front and back legs all intersect.) Our example shows these jeans have a 10 1/2 inch rise. 

THIGH: You'll want to measure one-inch down from the crotch inseam, and go straight across to the out-seam. Our example shows these jeans are 11 1/2 inches across, making them 23 inches total. 

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