AVIATOR: Style + Function.

- Our goal at Aviator is to create a brand for people on the go by designing clothes that combine function, comfort, and style.  

- Aviator is unique in that it bridges the gap of active wear and traditional sportswear.

- We cut out the middle man and offer amazing value to our customers without the traditional markup. 

Colby Kane - Owner, Founder and Designer, Aviator 

Colby Kane, CEO AviatorUSA.com

Founded by Colby Kane, a designer and art director who grew out of the fast-paced world of NY Fashion as an art director at Macy’s to build something different in LA where he could balance work and family, surround himself with the things that are important and give back to his community. Aviator is that “something” that Colby was aiming to build which he discovered through his life experiences. Colby Kane has a passion for scouring the world to find amazing fashion trends, materials, and ideas that can be locally made in Los Angeles, provide great value and by selling directly to his customers.

Colby launched Aviator on Kickstarter in June of 2013 with The Red Eye Hoodie and received accolades for his work. He then followed up with the launch of The First Class Hoodie which again, has proven to be a big success.  


Wear Aviator, for style and function.